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Sailing On Barton Pond Since 1937

Barton Pond is an impoundment of the Huron River created by a Detroit Edison dam installed in 1912. Barton Boat Club was formed to sail on the pond in 1937.The club is in Barton Hills Village directly north of the City of Ann Arbor.The pond is used for sailing, fishing, kayaking and canoeing. There are no speed boats or jet skis. It is home to a wide variety of wild life.Wind on the pond is channeled through the nearby hills. The shifts and gusts can be challenging. It is often said that if you master the winds of Barton Pond, you can sail anywhere.



Racing Fleets

Racing fleets in the club have changed along with changing sailing technology. The current racing fleets are Snipes and Lasers.Also there is a fleet of Optomist sailboats for junior sailors. 


Club Facilities

Most of the sailors keep their boats on and launch from dry sailors adjacent to the pond.During the sailing season, there are two docks where sailboats can be rigged for sailing.At the end of the sailing season, boats can be stored in the clubhouse.


Social Acitivites

There are club regattas and parties at the club on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.The put-in and take-out days are also occasions for food and fun.After the end of the sailing season, club meetings and parties are held at non club locations.


Persons wishing to look over the club can stop by on any Sunday afternoon during the racing season. The club located at 401 Barton Shore Drive, Ann Arbor, MI. The gate usually opens at one and stays open until five clock.

Children enjoy the club's spacious grounds and play equipment. Youngsters also enjoy sailboat rides with their parents.There is a fleet of Optimist sailboats for teaching Junior Members the fine points of sailing.

Membership in Barton Boat Club is open to anyone. The annual family dues are $400. Dues for students are $150. There are currently no initiation fees. Persons interested in joining the club should complete the form below.

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